Can I use my Business Name without registering it?

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Every great business has a great business name. Think about the brands out there that you instantly identify with a great product or service: Pepsi, Apple, Walmart, and Kraft are just a few. As a new business owner you undoubtedly are eager to craft the next viral business name and use it as a way to build the brand of your business.

The question is, can you use your new business name without first registering it? If you have not registered your business with your secretary of state, you may only do business under your personal name. You may not legally use your business name without first registering it as one of the many business entities recognized by your state and the IRS.

The first step in the registration process is to do a search of your business name and make sure that it isn’t already registered by somebody else in your state. Often, you will find a name lookup search on your secretary of state’s website. Before beginning the registration process, do this process on your own or use a free name search service provided by ActiveFilings. Also notice if there are other business names that are similar to yours. You don’t want your name confused with somebody else.

Next, begin the registration process. To avoid the extra time and expense of trying to register your business on your own, use an online business registration firm. They can take care of the entire process for you at a very reasonable price.

What else does registering your business gain for you? Forming an LLC, corporation of other entity affords you the ability to separate your business from your personal assets protecting your family from any adverse financial effects from lawsuits, bankruptcy, or other issues arising from financial difficulties within your business.

Second, it allows you to seek out funding from angel investors, venture capitalists, bank, and the Small Business Administration. Without being registered as an actual business, most sources of capital will not listen to your presentation without being registered as a corporation.

If you’ve came up with a great business name, you want to begin using it as the cornerstone of your branding efforts as soon as you can but that isn’t possible without first registering your business with your state so go online today and begin the process. Elicit the help of a business registration service to take the guess work out of a process that you’re unfamiliar with.