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Effective Communication Techniques to Attract Investors for your Startup

You must deploy effective communication techniques with angel investors. To obtain results, you have to inspire with enthusiasm. Investors have to get excited about your corporation in order to invest in it. This requires speaking to the specific personality type of the investor.

Pitching the Critical Numbers to Angel Investors

The most important attribute you must add to your pitch for investors is a complete understanding of the financial opportunity. Angel investors want to know more about what’s in the deal for them. Details about your company’s product convey benefits for customers. Although this is important, you should limit that part of your pitch to […]

What does it take to be a Great Solopreneur?

Are you a solopreneur? One of the newest words in the small business dictionary, a solopreneur is simply a person that does everything for their business. They are the provider, the bookkeeper, the marketing professional, and the person who empties the trash. Because solopreneurs often operate from their homes, the structure of the business is […]

Provider of Web-Based HR Raises Capital

A startup company that provides web-based tools for simplifying hiring of new employees has raised $100,000 of seed money. The Resumator has a system for helping businesses recruit, track, and select prospective employees. The new funding follows the company’s launch from a tech incubator environment, which has supplied the funding.

Angel Investors vs. Venture Capital Firms

Entrepreneurs tend to incorrectly view angel investors and venture capital firms as identical sources of capital. Although both seek sound companies in which to invest, there are differences in their approaches.

Becoming an Entrepreneur on a Simple Idea

For anyone with entrepreneurial drive, moving forward by starting a new corporation may reveal a million-dollar idea. That’s what happened to one 19 year old, who didn’t initially realize the potential value of his business concept.

Five Reasons that Small Businesses Fail

If you are thinking of starting a business, there is a 50% chance that it will fail and what’s worse, the reasons for this are hard to pin down. All of us have an understanding of human nature. Most people, in an effort to retain dignity in a difficult situation, deny that the reasons for […]

Presenting Your Personal Brand To Angel Investors

A new entrepreneur should prepare for more branding than simply an image for the corporation. A young company is as much about the person involved as the product produced.

Find out What’s Going to be Hot tomorrow

How important is finding the next big trend in your business? Some of the largest businesses in the world have made the same mistake as some of the smallest: Success breeds contentment and they fail to innovate. Failing to innovate can mean a rapid downward spiral that leads to bankruptcy. No business, large or small […]

Practical Tips for the Home Based Startup

With the advent and evolution of the internet, many new businesses are home based startups. Nearly any new business can employ workers who telecommute as part of the basic operations but working from home isn’t for everybody. We asked a number of successful home based business owners for some advice to give to the aspiring […]