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Six Steps to Becoming an Entrepreneur in 2012

If becoming an entrepreneur is one of your New Year’s resolutions for 2012, you may not know where to start. It never hurts to go back to the basics so let’s take a look at the steps you should take as you go from a dream to having a business you can call your own. […]

You Aren’t Going to Get VC Funds so Where Do You Go?

If you’re an entrepreneur starting or expanding a business next year, don’t expect a lot of money coming from venture capital according to a new survey released. The decade ending in June of 2011 has been one of the worst in history for venture capital averaging only a 1.3% return compared to a 4.2% return […]

Provider of Innovative Customer Service Technology Raises New Funding

Retaining satisfied customers is essential for every business and UserVoice provides innovative ways of meeting that goal. The company reports that 75,000 businesses are utilizing the services offered. Among the clientele of UserVoice are HootSuite, Seesmic, and Posterous.

Is Forming an LLC Really That Risky?

If you have dreams of being an entrepreneur, something must be holding you back from starting your first business. There could be any number of reasons but would you be surprised to know that some of the top reasons on your list may not be good reasons at all? Let’s look at one of the […]

A 21st Century Solution to Small Business Funding Problems

If you ask any entrepreneur, they will tell you that the biggest barrier to living their dream is the funding needed to get their business off the ground. It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time entrepreneur or somebody who has started numerous businesses in the past, the problems are the same.

2011 Holyday Schedule

Please note our schedule for Cristmas and New Year:

New Company Expanding With Next Generation of Cloud Services

Many successful corporations are started to deliver services for companies meeting the challenge of spreading a new technology. These second-generation providers of platforms as a service enjoy the growth of a new market without risk of developing the consumer products.

Keeping Angel Investors Interested is Hard. Here’s How to Write Your Executive Summary

You’ve heard about the problem with resumes. Hiring managers at major corporations sometimes receive tens of thousands resumes each year and of the resumes they actually look at, they’re only going to spend a few seconds skimming for something that catches their eye. If you’re an entrepreneur and you’re hoping to catch the eye and […]

More Growth For Company That Simplifies Working From Home Offices

The trend of working from home is rising rapidly and this presents opportunities for starting businesses. One company even formed to provide help for others in working efficiently from home.

Rising Company Helps Online Retailers Communicate With Customers

The tide of capital continues to roll into online commerce. 8thBridge is a startup business in Minneapolis that helps merchants reach more customers by using Facebook.