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Bringing Innovation to Established Product and Conducting Targeted Marketing Helps New Company Gain Wide Reputation

The tale of entrepreneur Nicholas Pelis demonstrates the importance of commitment when starting a new company. Finding the needed funding usually works out as long at the founder remains driven. For Pelis, no sacrifice was too large to achieve business success.

New Capital for Young Company Creating Childhood Development Apps for Mobile Devices

Using existing technology to create better products for a proven market is usually a recipe for new business success. This is the strategy of Mindshapes, which offers educational games for children on mobile devices.

Startup Corporation Aims for Part of Hotel Deals Market

No matter how many ways exist to accomplish something on the internet, room is always available for starting a company to provide the service a little better. Illustrating this situation is the case of finding an online bargain for a hotel stay. A new corporation named DealAngel began in 2011 to challenge well-known sites such […]

Capital Raised by Software Company with Multiple Apps for Families

The idea of using technology to optimally disseminate information about basic issues for families led the founders of Alt12 to start a business. One of the software company’s applications is focused on health and another is aimed at expecting parents. The company’s third entry is a newly launched social network for parents named Kidfolio.

New Company on Frontier of Mobile Payments Against Bigger Competitors

A new mobile payment service has been launched by Boku, which users can deploy in physical stores. Users of Boku’s system pay with their mobile numbers so that transactions are charged to their monthly phone bills. Boku provides billing mechanisms through about 230 wireless carriers, including AT&T and Verizon.

On-Demand Services Are Hot Trends For Starting a Business

When starting a business, successful entrepreneurs remember that people enjoy convenience and comfort. Improving on those qualities in particular ways is certain to attract customers.

Startup Company Expanding With Its Variation on a Well-Known Service

Craigslist has become the premier online classified advertising website. But a dominant force in a particular market is not cause for a new business to avoid competing. Startup classified service Rumgr has just attracted new investors to extend its reach.

Making Life Easier With A Simple Mobile App Solution

Another company has used a small amount of capital to launch a mobile app that simplifies a common problem. Giftiki helps people collaborate on giving a joint birthday gift to a friend. The app runs on iOS and is available from Apple’s App Store. Users pool small monetary gifts through a social networking feature.

Mobile App To Help Families Communicate Attracts New Funding

A single mobile app is enough to create a successful new business. These operations also don’t require tens of millions of dollars to launch their product into the market. This opportunity for a new company to succeed is illustrated by Life360, which announced in December that it has raised $3,500,000 of funding from several investor […]

Can You Really Start a Business in Four Days?

Doesn’t sound possible, does it? On January 2nd- 5th, the Wharton School in San Francisco, California held their fourth annual workshop where MBA students are challenged to start a new internet business in just four days. Students come to the workshop with an idea and use the four days to transform the idea in to […]