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Learn about incorporating, types of entities, advantages of incorporation, detailed information about your state requirements to incorporate a business and more.

1. Learn About Incorporating

Types of Business Entities  Advantages of Incorporating
C Corporations Explained Easy  FAQs – Incorporating
(LLC) Explained Easy  FAQs – Shares of Stock
S Corporations Explained Easy  FAQs – Shareholders & Directors
Nonprofit Corporations Explained Easy  FAQs – Trade Names
Professional Corporations Explained Easy  FAQs – Taxation
Entity Comparison Chart  Cost of Incorporating
Glossary of Business Terms  State Processing Times

2. How to Incorporate in…

Learn about the State requirements to incorporate your business. Corporate name endings, stock information, officers, franchise tax, and more.

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3. SOS Access Gateway

Access to the Secretary of States of all 50 State and DC from one page.

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